Elephant step is a Reggae band influenced by Roots and World Music. The project born in Barcelona around 2012 by the creative union of musician belonging from different part of the world and different musical background. From the hearth of savannah, passing by the Mediterranean sea, crossing the Atlantic ocean, rhythms and melody of the world twist with Reggae, giving birth to a unique vibe.The lyrics speak about love, evolution and social change, as well as environmental awareness.The elephant symbolizes strength and power, both physical, mental and spiritual; the connection between his heavy step and the one drop of Reggae followed by its deep bass sound, has given the name to the band, Elephant Step.“Transition Songs” is the name of the first work of the band, a demo version with seven unreleased tunes and four DUB remixes; recorded on 2013, mixed and mastered by the dubwise Charlart 58.The name of the release is inspired on “Transition Town” written by Rob Hopkins, who propose a model of social decrease based on the Permaculture’s principle.The “Transition” has as goal to make known a sustainable lifestyle, as well as supporting self-sufficiency and self-management. As messengers, we decide to share the awareness of these ideas through the words and the sounds of our music.

“Hey man!! Addicted to oil, can’t live without it we, can’t see a world without oil. We already know, someone has been feeding us drugs, it’s time to stop taking, stop buying. You see my brother that the chains are broken, seeds of the mother the wind as taken. Brother let your heart open, we belong to the earth.(…) We need new stories, we need new possibilities, step down from this ticking bomb of industrial reality(…)”

(Addicted to oil, elephant step )

“Si en babilon hay un problema, verde es la solución. Si en babilon hay distancia, el verde trae la relación. Si en babilon hay competición que echa la vida a perder, el verde trae la calma que nutre y te hace crecer. Verde sano, verde cerca a la raíz, yo busco un verde sano, verde cerca a la raíz(…)”

(Verde Sano, Elephant Step )


/ Hugo Otto (Voice, Guitar) / Juana Gaitan (Voice, Guitar) / Philippa Otto (Voice) / Nicolas de la Pava (Drum) / Edoardo Virtù (Percussion) / Miquel Ubach (Bass)